Precision Agriculture – Some observations

It is expected that the Precision Agriculture technology will percolate in the Indian arena following a S-shaped curve. Perception of net benefit, confidence towards trying out new Precision Agriculture technologies, education level of farmer and farm size are all going to play a significant positive role in the decision to adopt Precision Agriculture technologies and practices.

precision agriculture

Precision Agriculture has the chance of completely overhauling the traditional agriculture  by the use of proper resource utilization and practice of proper management. An environmentally green and sustainable agriculture can be followed.. It is the basic goal of Precision agriculture is to optimize yield and increase profits with minimum input, besides avoiding environmental pollution. So it is highly recommended for any developing country, especially India, that faces the challenge of sustainability. The methods used can differ from those already in use in Europe and America but the core principles should remain the same. Rapid socio-economic changes in all sections of society in India are creating new avenues for precision agriculture.

Some Economic comparisons for Precision Agriculture

Check out the link for checking out the economic comparisons along with graphs that you can plot. Bar graphs and the data is already present in raw form. You are free to use it for your personal purpose.