3 strange tips to improve productivity and blog better

Even more tips to improve productivity

These three unconventional tips to improve productivity can be applied anytime and almost anywhere. All you need to do is just to have the will to work better and more efficiently. You can work less and do more – that is the objective. I have started using it to write better and code more, using less time and feeling that I have more time to spare. It somehow works for me. It may as well work for you.

How to get started

First thing’s first – get rid of preconceived notions. This is not going to be a child’s play and as I have mentioned before, this is not a pill that just works right away. But it is good and you will get the benefits of following these 3 unconventional tips to improve productivity.

  1. Forgive people (!)This may come as a shocker. This works mainly for those who have colleagues or superiors in their organization. That means most of you. Even those who are working in the unorganized sector – it is highly likely that you meet people. And some must have, someday, done you harm. You can sulk all your life, hurting none but yourself, or take back the control and forgive them. This does not mean going in person and convey the message, not condoning the actions. But just knowing deep within that you have forgiven him or her. You will feel way lighter and cease to be bothered about a nuisance back in time.
  2. Get bored to death while not doing any work – Okay. This one is a bit tricky. Apparently Raymond Chandler used this technique and it worked well for him. For this to work well, your need to understand what you want to do the most. Assume that is your only job and everything you do otherwise is a distraction. Then you are set and can apply this idea for yourself.
    unconventional tips to improve productivity
    This guy! Seems he could have used his time better

    It is pretty simple – when not doing the work itself, make sure that you do nothing. By nothing it means nothing – you don’t do yoga, you don’t watch TV, you don’t surf the internet, you don’t play some games, you don’t talk on the phone. You can pace up and down in your room – that is something that is totally unproductive and does not let you allow you to pass time. Soon enough you will feel like doing something. Present your brain with the only work that you have available – your primary one. Yeah, it is a bit harsh but discipline helps.

  3. Decrease your bandwidth – Yup. You read it right. In today’s world, your emails will keep pouring in all the time. If you put 8 hours reading them, some more will come at five minutes past eight. If you put 9 hours, yet some more will drip in just later. It is an unfortunate reality. It is best to instead use a limited time to check them – everyday and ignore the rest for the next day. Nobody sends an email with a life or death message. Phones serve a better purpose that way. Especially work related emails should be properly categorized and given a specific reading time. Apply this to every little thing you do – washing clothes, washing your car, washing yourself, and so on.

In Closing…do the tips to improve productivity work?

These 3 unconventional tips to improve productivity should help you chug along just fine, at least for the rest of the week ahead. Have a great week ahead. Also please consider signing up with our newsletter and checking out our Twitter and Facebook pages. At least they will bore you enough to get back to work.

Comment or text me about your results. I will incorporate them as and when required.