Geeky Youtube Channels – Top 10

There are a number of channels that I subscribe to and certainly a number of them are rather technical. If you interested you can check out some of the geeky YouTube Channels that are worth checking out.

The channels mentioned below are all technical in nature and I am not aiming for the geek sub culture that rotates around it.

geeky YouTube channels

10. The 8 Bit Guy – This guy is really cool. A bit more into older computers, the focus is more on recycling older PCs, Commodores and older Macs that collect dust in your garage. He polishes them up, plays retro games, mods them and makes them up to speed. There are gadget reviews from the 1980s and suggestions as to how to improve performance on systems that can run only the Disk Operating System. He is an interesting watch for people who fell in love with computers back in the day they were not even so popular. You may also check out The Obsolete Geek. They do pretty much the same thing. One of the coolest geeky YouTube channels.

9. Vsauce – A bit more towards the scientific side, this geeky YouTube channel has gotĀ videos are extremely interesting. Vsauce is able to make complex physics (mostly that, yes) problems simple for you to understand. There are regular videos every week and the content is top notch. From Astronomy to regular quantum stuff, you can find them all here.

8. Joseph’s Machines – Okay, this is more from the geeky sub culture as there is no earth shattering stuff that is there. But the ingenuity of this guy is hard to match. You need to see at least one of his videos to get my point.

7. Matt Richardson – His marketing skills seriously need an upgrade and his channel is not that popular yet among the maker community. But even then, he is talented and shows a lot of promise. This is especially true if you are beginning with Arduinos and Raspberry Pis. This is one of the lesser popular geeky YouTube channels out there.

6. Veritasium – Very similar in content to Vsauce, but this channel has a more adventurous host. How did the most silent room in the world fare against him? Check his channel out.

5. How Stuff Works – This is more of a generic channel with all kinds of videos about how things work. It does not go very deep and does pique your interest in something. You are free to follow them – well, that is up to you. šŸ˜€

4. Eli The Computer Guy – The guy’s networking knowledge is too good. He also has a basic guide for the same and some hacking tutorials along with other reviews and to dos.

3. DIY Perks – The name itself is self explanatory and the projects are super simple yet interesting. You can get started with very little prior knowledge. The tutorials are awesome and will keep your summer/winter holidays occupied.

2. Periodic Videos – This is an old one. And still going strong. One of the most popular chemistry channels. Lots of experiments are there for you too see. Liquid nitrogen, oxygen, experiments with rare elements – they are all there. The explanation is lucid and the content is huge. It will surely keep you glued to your screens for some time. Even if you are not all that into chemistry, I will highly recommend that you give this channel a try. One of my favoriteĀ geeky YouTube channels.

1. The Ben Heck Show – Probably the most professional of all the channels above. This one takes the cake. The explanation part is a bit lacking at times. You won’t face problems if you are up to date with the basic fundamental Electronics courses in High School/College. But the variety of the hacks and DIY items is huge. The number of projects that have already been done is huge and the quality is great. Each of them are achievable and you will enjoy making these rather unique projects. Go ahead. Give it a try.

I have not been paid by any of the channels above for this listing. There are other channels that I subscribe to as well. But these are the ones that I regularly check out. Try them out, you will not regret it.