Indie games – the best places to look for

The best Indie games repos on the Internet

Indie games or independent games have always been around. The smaller often forgotten counterpart to the mainstream gaming titles – these independently developed games have nonetheless made their mark. This is especially true of late. In fact, with Steam offering games on the Linux and other platforms, many gamers are turning to smaller lesser known games that they are likely to enjoy.

One of the best free indie games - Alto's Adventure
One of the best free indie games – Alto’s Adventure

Where to look for?

Steam is always a good starting point. Most of the games are well below $20 and some of them are even free. But even then, Steam is just a platform. You can look elsewhere in the whole gaming jungle to find the treasures that you have been looking for.

Ever wondered about being a flying envelope in an office? Or how about being a bird and flying in the sky? Or scary horror games that puts you in a haunted house. There are many options and all of them will cater to someone’s needs. But here’s where you can find the best of the indie games out there.

  1. – This is relatively new but quite well known. With daily updates and a game manager – itch opens you up to a whole new world of gaming opportunities. There are plenty of free games out there. Then there are games that are in their beta versions. They are fun as well. Best part is that their collection is very interesting and has all genres that you can possibly have. Most of their games will also play on almost any platform – including Linux or Windows tablets.
  2. Game Jolt – This has been around for sometime. Truth be told, I did not find it particularly impressive. Even though it has a large collection as well. You can consider it as the Steam of indie only games. If that is your thing – please do give it a try. Many games are offered on both itch and Game Jolt – these are only platforms. Likes and dislikes is subjective, you may end up loving this platform.
  3. Steam – I need to mention this. They have the whole collection of indie games out there. Almost every single one of them. But the alpha or beta versions may be skipped here. The prices will also vary on Steam as you pay extra for the platform’s own convenience as well.
  4. Indiegames – This is not exactly a download site, but more of a review site for indie games. But it is good. It has got regular updates about game releases, bug fixes, user experiences, suggestions and so on. A very cool place to hang out if you find indie games interesting.
  5. The Stores РAll the stores Рbe it the Windows store, the iTunes store, Google Play Store or PlayStation Store, all will have a fair collection of indie games that you can download and play. They may not feature the latest kid on the block but the more popular ones will always be there. In addition, they are perhaps the most secure versions available out there.

So there you have it. These are some of the places, I check for new indie games to play with. The best part about having them is that my laptop can play them with all the bells and whistles, even when I reduce the power options to ‘Power Saving’. If you like retro, or indie games (they are not the same) – or if you enjoy playing anything to spend some time while on a boring journey, you can give this a try.

Enjoy the indie games out there. Please share this post if you enjoyed as much as I did writing it.