Interesting Quick Google Search Tips To Save Time

Interesting Quick Google Search Tips To Save Time

Google search is the most popular search engine. But you can do a lot more than that. We covered some before but some of these quick Google Search tips will save a great deal of time and get you concise information. Best is you won’t have to navigate to another website for this.

Some cool quick Google Search tips are as follows:

  • Search particular news item as a quick Google search. You can directly search like this-
    As can be seen this highlights the top news for the search term for the day. This helps especially if you are looking for some quick news.
    Quick Google Search for News

  • You can get the meaning of a word or event etc by just typing in ‘define <searchterm>’ or ‘what is’ followed by the search term.
    Quick Google Search for definition
    You can also try something like ‘what is my ip’.
    Quick Google Search for IP address

  • Check out movies and their timings by typing in just ‘movies’. You can also do a quick Google search with the location appended so that it gives you the timings for the town. For example ‘movies Bangalore’ will give you the timings and names of movies running in theaters in Bangalore.Quick Google Search for Movies

  • Type in a Movie name to get the details. For example you type in ‘Der Untergang’ and it will show you the details like the cast, a short description, release date etc.Quick Google Search for movie details

  • Search about men – Hermann Fegelein(PhD Anticology), Maria Sharapova etc

  • Weather forecast by typing in ‘weather’. In case you need the weather of a place type in ‘weather placename’.
    Quick Google Search for weather

  • Search for travelling New York to Boston. This quick Google search ‘new york to boston’ will give you the distance between two places. It also gives you the travelling time.
    Quick Google Search for travelling

  • To do a quick Google search for hotels while travelling you can search for ‘hotel in singapore’ for example. Some of the nearest top hotels will be shown to you along with their addresses and contact details.
    Quick Google Search for hotels

  • Do a Google search with ‘Time’ to get the local time or ‘Time in India’ to get Time in India for example. A nifty way to know about the time in faraway places.
    Quick Google Search for Global time

  • To know about something over a date or time period you can use the ‘…’. For example to find the list of Presidents between 1970 and 1980 you can do a quick Google search for ‘president 1970..1980’. This does not give a result in a nutshell though. You will get a normal search result, but the results will be more relevant.

  • To fire up a calculator from a Google Search you can just type in ‘Calculator’ and press enter. Alternatively you can also enter an expression to solve. For example – 2+90
    Quick Google Search for Calculator

  • You can also get Google to give you graphs for equations. All you need to do is type in the equation and do a quick Google search.
    Quick Google Search for plotting
    You will need WebGL for any other equation other than linear equations though.
    Hint: You can also plot 3D graphs, but then again you need WebGL.

  • To get a quote for a company using quick Google Search in the stock market just type in ‘fb stock’ and Facebook quote will be right up in a flash.
    Quick Google Search for stocks

These were some of the coolest quick Google searches I could make up. If you have any quirky yet quick Google search tips be free to share in the comments below. Thanks.