Manage Your Google Drive

Manage your Google Drive

Google Drive is my favorite cloud storage service. Your preferences may vary but then this tutorial is good for any could storage utility you may use. To manage your Google Drive you need some time and some free space in Google Drive. Of course, you will also require Google Drive in the first place.

Manage your Google Drive image
Manage your Google Drive easily by simple drag and drop. You can use colors too.

Google Drive works in a simple way. That at least is the abstract model. It can easily sync with your system and allow you to keep local copies of your files on the cloud. In order to manage your Google Drive you can create a few folders like the ones shown below.

  1. Pictures: You can store some pictures here. I would suggest you store them in the Picasa Web Albums because that way you can manage your images easily. Also your storage space will not be used up.
  2. Documents – Keep the documents you create in here. It helps staying organized, so that finding them is easier and less time consuming. True, searching can find you what you want, but it takes more time – right?
  3. Scripts – If you are into Google Apps Scripts, chances are that you will be creating a number of scripts. You can simple store them here.
  4. Music – Store your music here. You canĀ play the music in your Google Drive from anywhere, provided you are connected to the internet.
  5. Registrations/Misc – Store whatever you wish to here that does not fit the categories above. Create your own folder as you see fit.

The simplest way to do all this is to just drag and drop the files into the folders. Nesting the folders is also a good idea if you wish to create subcategories. You will end up saving a lot of time and worries if you can keep can manage your Google Drive contents. Good luck.

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