Amiga games – Play them now on Internet Archive

Amiga was a personal computer that was launched way back in the last century. Due to its popularity, many programmers wrote a fair number of Amiga games and applications for it. Many of the popular titles were ones that you grew up with. Of course, now playing them is rather difficult, and you will need emulators.

Amiga Games – Old wine in new bottle?

There are of course websites that offer some of the titles that you can play right off your browser online. But this time Internet Archive has hosted about 10000 plus titles online for you to relive your childhood.

Amiga Games Emulator starts up
The Amiga emulator starts up …

As of now there are about 10,368 Amiga game titles that are available. With time this may very well increase. Even now, it pretty much consists of all the games that I can remember playing when I was younger. Remember, even though I (or many of you may not) did not own an Amiga, several of these titles had ports for other contemporary platforms.

Good ol’ Amiga games!

The neat Search box to the right will help you locate your games and all you need is a browser. The emulation software runs on the server side and all you get is a client access – good enough to hide the complexity of running the system as a black box.

amiga games
The Amiga drawing games may look ridiculous now but remains fun

The idea is simple and was used by other players as well. There were websites that hosted legacy games, but Internet Archive is reputed and provides a simple and ad free service. Besides, the number of Amiga games available are mind blowing. So this can be a viable choice for anyone with the flair for indulging in nostalgia but without the luxury of trying out a full Amiga emulation locally.

Issues remain

It’s not full proof, yet. There are issues, the games load slow and some of them don’t even work, or perhaps my patience failed me. Either way, there are problems that you are likely to face. But that does not mean that there is a dearth of options. There are many games that worked great for me. Like this Mazeman/Pacman one.

Amiga games Mazeman
The Amiga game Mazeman amazes me to this day

They may not interest today’s kids but for the veterans out there, this is gold.