Use Landing Pages – Why they are a must

Use Landing Pages – they are not optional any more

Let’s say you are a blogger. Or you run a website, preferably a non e-commerce site. In both the scenarios, you must use landing pages. Today they are not really optional any more.

What are landing pages?

Ever noticed what comes up when you go to the home page of The Code Post? You don’t see the most recent posts in the main content area. I previously had the blog roll in there. You can still check it out at the dedicated blog link.

Landing pages are ‘static’ webpages that are shown when you visit the root of a website. By root I mean the home page of the website concerned. Landing pages give you the opportunity to highlight the best of your offerings in a single page in such a way that you convert a casual visitor to a return customer or a regular reader.

use landing pages image

Now of course, these are not actually entirely static if you are using a CMS (WordPress/Joomla) to render them. But it is close. In case you are wondering, Static pages are faster as well.

What are landing pages made of?

To use landing pages properly, you need to put the best content that you already have your blog or website in a manner that is strategically optimal.

Ask this question to yourself.

What does your website help the first time visitor?

In my case, I have clearly focused on my core offering – web development and blogging. You need to find your own niche that way. You may surely write on other topics as well, or sell other products – but the static content of your homepage will always point to your core offering.

Typical landing pages will usually have the following –

Previously I mentioned how you can actually put some of the content that is already in your blog (or create anew) and make an ebook for your readers. All you have to do next is to give this book our for free to your subscribers. Clearly mention that every subscriber will get the book free of cost. Make sure the book is also of good quality, otherwise the effect will be the opposite.

I will use Landing Pages. But how to make them?


There are plenty of options. You can go the pre-built paid or ‘no coding’ route. Otherwise there is always the ‘Do it Yourself’ guide to making your own landing page yourself. With WordPress (or any other CMS/etc) and some HTML/CSS, you can not go wrong.

For pre built paid options – unbounce, wix, LanderApp are all great. They also provide limited trial versions that will give you ample taste of their own offerings. Check out their templates. But if you are code-challenged, you will be unable to go beyond some of the basic editing choices they are going to provide.

But if you want to build your own Landing page without paying a dime to anybody else – let me assure you first. It is possible and quite easy. Before we go deeper, I suggest you go through some of the basic HTML and CSS courses here.

Yes, it is hard work. But it pays off. In the past couple of weeks I switched from the blog roll to my landing page, the page hits have increased more than 150%. That is a good start considering that I have a number of optimizations that are yet to be done.

So yeah, if you wish to grow your website or blog – use landing pages. Highlight your offerings and design it well.