Test Security and Crack Passwords with Kali Linux

Crack Passwords and Test Security With Kali Linux

Backtrack is a famous Linux distribution based on digital forensics and penetration testing. What this means is that is not for normal use and also not for normal people. Ok, though that may be a bit too far the point is it is not easy to use(Thank God!) So these guys have packaged Backtrack into a new and more user friendly linux distro called Kali. The object remains the same - crack passwords and test security of applications.

Kali Linux - Crack Passwords and Test Security - image

The title says it all. This can test security in a whole new way.

Okay, but what is penetration testing?

Simply put it is to test security of the defenses put up by the target systems(like you and me) against any potential attacks. If I try to defeat the security apparatus of your application my penetration test is considered to be successful and you will need to patch the breach. This is one way developers improve the security of their own systems before they are launched for public use.

So it is powerful, can it be misused?

It is misused and widely. People do download this distribution for carrying out attacks on other networks, harassing users, bringing down websites and creating havoc. Such behavior is present. But this does not mean the tool itself should not exist. With great power comes great responsibility. I suggest you also use it wisely. Use it to improve your own WiFi defences for example. Like try to crack your own Wifi password. The Kali distribution comes inbuilt with Metasploit, John the Ripper,  Wireshark, Nmap, Aircrack-ng and others to help you crack passwords and test security of remote applications or networks.

Where can I get it?

You can download Kali from the link below. What is wonderful is that it is available not only for x86 and x64 versions but also for ARM and other systems. This means even Chromebooks and Raspberry Pi-s can be used to try Kali out. Kali itself it free and open source, obviously.


Unlike the geeky Backtrack, Kali allows easier customization, though I don’t think it needs to. In any case you can change the look and feel easily. Go through this post in their doc archive for details.