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Soothe Your Eyes With flux

Flux Helps You Soothe Your Eyes

flux Logo ImageWe work on our computers for a pretty long amount of time everyday. Our eyes suffer all the constant strain. To help soothe your eyes the glare of the screen can be reduced by using a simple software called f.lux.

Cut down the Blue Glow

f.lux limits the blow glow of your screen for a start. Instead it replaces that with a warm tone. Now in the morning your screen does not hurt your eyes much. The ambient light is sufficient and thus the glare is not noticeable. But say at 9PM you power up your computer and get instantly blinded by the brightness! Ok, that was a ridiculous exaggeration but you know, it happens. You can reduce the brightness and contrast to a certain extent but their is a limit to which you can go without compromising your experience. f.lux rescues you here. It automatically switches to a warm tone at night and goes back to a brighter shade in the morning.

Soothe Your Eyes with flux - Day Night Settings Image

Soothe Your Eyes with flux – Day Night Settings

Does it really help?

According to sleep research, it does help. A lot in fact. Besides giving your screen a cool, errr, warm look that looks cool, it does help your eyes relax and help you sleep better at night. The guys here took this research real serious as seen from the extended list of references.

Then again I personally have a very soothing experience while using flux. In fact suddenly if you switch it off at night on my PC I would honestly switch my PC off and go to sleep. The blue glow will become too apparent and disturbing. So yes, the bottomline is it does help you more than just soothe your eyes.

Ease of Use

flux is possibly one of those apps that are easiest to use. You can help your eyes by just installing it. It will startup automatically. Don’t worry as it uses 3.86MB of RAM approximately, is completely free, has no CPU load and works like a charm without any user interference. The working is also fairly simple. You can also customize the way it works, especially how warm you want your screen to be at night. But I did not touch the settings, the default ones were just fine.

flux help soothe your eyes settings image

You can change the settings screen for tweaking the default settings. It even shows you the time left for sunset!


It does the work by calculating your present location and works according to the Sunrise/sunset cycle. So if you feel headaches due to sitting in front of a computer for a long time, you might as well give flux a try and check if it helps soothe your eyes at all or not. It does more though.

You can get flux for a variety of platforms. Windows versions are of course there. Mac, Linux and even iOS versions are also supported. I just hope they get something for the Android devices too.

Head over here to check flux out and install it right away.

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