Use a pin instead of a password in Windows 10

Use a pin instead of a password in Windows 10

You have been logging into Windows or almost any other operating systems using your passwords. I mean, passwords are not just everywhere and it makes great sense to just have your passwords managed by dedicated software. But that is another matter altogether. However, it has always made sense to not have a single password to define the access to your entire life via any of your devices.  Microsoft has been suggesting users to instead shift to use a pin instead of a password for quite some time now.

Are pins really safer?

Well, it you look at the probability of brute-forcing a tough password that is 20 characters long and compare that with the difficulty in guessing a pin that is only 4 numbers, surely the odds are not too great for you if you have chosen to use the pin. But here is where it gets interesting.

If you are using the pin, you only get access to the local device only. All your online accounts remain safe and secure. Now again if you have stored your passwords and sensitive documents out in the open, that won’t be able to save you. But if you use a dedicated password storage service, you will be way more secure.

Getting it setup and ready is simple. Go to Settings – Accounts and set any one that suits you.

Use pin instead of passwords image
Use a pin instead of a passwords

What would I recommend personally?

I would go for the picture password instead. That is the most secure method if you are able to choose a very unpredictable gesture that is hard to mimic or match. But otherwise, it you are able to keep your security issues fixed, a pin works just fine.

If you are using a strong password that you are confident is too tough to break, you might stick with it as well.