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Hi. I am Sarthak.

Here at The Code Post, I will help you get started with having an online presence. My primary focus is to enable you to go beyond social media pages and actually build your own websites online. Sites that close to 8 billion people can visit anytime.

With an experience of 10+ years, I will help you get a head start in the highly competitive web space – from all the successes and mistakes I have made over the years.

from start to finish

From your idea to your product

With you all the way.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

Steve Jobs

Our Process since 1970!

We follow the time tested SDLC aka Software Development Lifecycle to ensure you get the best quality on time. We usually do Waterfall for our standard projects. But we are open to agile.

requirement analysis sdlc

Requirement Analysis – This is where you can give us what you want built. It can be a SEO campaign, a website or even a WordPress plugin. This is something both us will do. Don’t worry, we will assist you every step of the way.

design and planning sdlc

Planning and design – This is where we get to work in full gear. We will prepare a plan. You get to know when you get your milestones and your final delivery. The design will also be finalised in this stage. Once you okay it, we proceed.

development sdlc

Development – Our coders get to work! There is not much for you to do now, but wait. You can get our build updates, of course. You can also drop by, for coffee.

testing sdlc

Testing – Here we give you a draft product for you to test. Check out your use case scenarios, validate your test cases and so on. As long as it’s here, fixing a code is realitively easy and cheap. If you need assisstance with testing, we can pitch in too.

implementation of sdlc projects

Implementation – Your product goes live! We can create you mailers, newsletters to let the world know. Share the happiness on social media. It is time for us to celebrate.

maintenance and support

Maintenance – This is our USP. We will train you to take care of your site without having to pay us or anyone else. Forever. Yes – you can be the Level 0 support for your own product.Of course, we will be there to back you up if needed. But chances are, you won’t.

what we do GREAT !

🎨 design

Landing page and popup design

Responsive/Mobile first design

Email cards and newsletter design

Social Media and Logos

from $7.99/-

🏭 develop

WordPress Development

Search Engine Optimisation

Ecommerce site development

Blogging Setup & Configuration

from $9.99/-

🚀 hosting

Hosting and domain registration

SSL certificate/installation

Email support

Blog Security Checkup

from $1.99/-

thecodepost driver

What makes us different?

We know there are literally hundreds of other agencies offering what we do.

So why us?

Because we let you DRIVE. In our assisted DIY model, we actually guide you to take care of your website without our help.

Sure, we will be there to make sure everything is up and running – but knowledge transfer to you is part of our commitment.

Not convinced? Give us a call. 🙂

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Book our services

We are there on Facebook. Let us know how we can assist you in messenger or share a post on our page and we will get started.

You are also get in touch with us on WhatsApp. We will send across a customised plan of action with you asap!