3 Ways to Recover Deleted Files from your PC

How to Recover Deleted Files from PC

Deleting files my mistake is common and very easy to do. Undoing them is what is difficult. There are times when you wished Recycle Bins had an undo button even after you cleared it. But it does not. That is the point of the Recycle Bin in the first place. But there are ways to recover deleted files even after you have made sure you have removed it from your system.

recover deleted files on pc
It is often easy to recover deleted files, depending on a few factors, like the date of deletion etc.
  1. Check the Bin again – This is the first thing any of us will do. It is so common that it probably does not need a mention. But I will keep it anyway. This is where we first look and it does give us the easiest way to recover deleted files as well. For the most of you, the problem begins from here. So let’s assume that it is not there. Here’s what you can do.
  2. Check your email attachments, shared drives, backups – There are comprehensive solutions that take care of backups, RAID drives that copy everything from a hard disk to another. There are files that we send or share with friends or colleagues. A thorough checking of the drives or online storage solutions (if you sync them in the cloud) can help. It always helps to have a backup solution handy anyway. But then I am not the one to judge. There are cases where files won’t be there. That leaves us with –
  3. The file recovery tools – There are many out there. DiskDigger and Recuva are my favorites. Recuva is probably easier to use but I find DiskDigger far more efficient in the long run, even counting Recuva’s advanced features. Both look almost the same as well. There there is the PC Inspector File Recovery tool. If you have lost the partitions entirely, things become a lot more difficult, but there is hope. CGSecurity has you covered with specialized tools for that as well. Try not to get your hopes up though, none of these options guarantee your file back. Once you shift-delete a file from your system, the file remains on your disk as long as it is not overwritten by another. Once that happens, the recovery chances decrease.

My recommendation – If you have shift deleted your file, the only reliable way to (possibly) recover deleted files from your PC (as far as I have seen) is with the help of DiskDigger. You get previews for images and other files as well. So you can see the extent of damage and Recuva does not give you this handy preview. Otherwise, if you have lost the partition entirely, CGSecurity’s TestDisk may help. If none of the free tools help you out, install the trial of RecoverMyFiles and check if it shows the files recoverable or not. You can decide if paying upfront is worth it or not.

On the other hand, instead of correcting errors, it is better to prevent ourselves from shift-deleting in the first place. I have personally not come around this, but it is another bad habit I need to get around.

Note: Doing a recovery can be easy. You may want to give a clean wipe of your disk if you wish to sell it.

By Sarthak Ganguly

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