5 Top Javascript SEO Tips

5 Top Javascript SEO Tips for your Website

SEO is not easy. Javascript SEO tips are even harder. Javascript is a wonderful scripting language for the web to create great user experiences and dynamic content. Not only are Javascripts used on client systems, now they are also beginning to be used on servers as well. Indeed even PDF applications, desktop widgets and many more applications are using Javascript. But the question is should you use it as well?

Javascript is Great!

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Confused about Javascript SEO tips

It sure is. Javascript or js for short is powerful and in use for years now. It has already beaten all competition like VBScript and has also been recognized as the flag bearer of HTML5. Most importantly it just works great and is easy to learn and use. And it looks beautiful. But is it good for the SEO of your website?

The Great 5 Top Javascript SEO Tips

Javascript is not perfect. But there are some important things to remember while you are on your way to create a javascript rich page. Go through the following 5 Javascript SEO tips.

  1. Javascript is important. Especially because in older browsers CSS3 features often don’t work well. To do something similar you often need Javascript. Also in other cases Javascript is needed for powerful animations and creating rich web applications. So do use Javascript when necessary.
  2. Minify Javascript. Always. Make sure your code is Gzipped or minified when you load it. This saves a lot of your page load time and increases page speed. But in the js file also include the comments. They are now being indexed in search engines. So if you share js files for use, you get well deserved backlinks.
  3. Keep javascript at the bottom of the page to increase webpage speed. Javascript takes time to load. It is better to load everything else first and keep the beast for the last. Webpage load time is getting importance in search results.Always try to keep external Javascripts. Inline scripts are slower to load. Externally stored scripts are often cached by browsers thus increasing page speed even further. If possible use Content Distribution Networks. They offload some static content to another network so that requests to different servers are minimized. Like I said, page speed is gaining importance.
  4. Use less Javascript. Though javascript won’t get you penalized, but javascript still remains difficult to crawl for search engines. Of course if you are using the best coding practices, you will do good. But keeping javascript usage to a bare minimum you make sure your content is search engine friendly.
  5. Keep your Script to content ratio low. Actually even HTML tag to content ratio should be low for great SEO. The more the content, the better you will be marked. So it is always better to minimize the js usage.

The above mentioned Javascript SEO tips are sufficient to not sacrifice your SEO and still deliver great user experience.


Javascript is and will remain indispensable. But we will be better off to know when to use this weapon and when to abstain from it. To support older browser and do cool stuff we will use javascript but we can now keep the 5 javascript SEO tips in mind while coding.

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By Sarthak Ganguly

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