Blogger and WordPress – What is Better?

Blogger and WordPress – What is Better?

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Blogger and WordPress are the two top contenders for the Blogging arena. Blogger is the highly popular free blogging offering from Google. Blogger or Blogspot is possibly the simplest blogging tool on the internet. You need practically nothing to blog on Blogger. Except for a Gmail id. The Setup is extremely simple and requires no coding at all. The options to customize is high and everything is free.
Wordpress is also one of the oldest blogging platforms and is used by many bloggers all over the world. WordPress is more programming-friendly but comes with a little more complexity. allows you free blogging, but their biggest USP is the version that is both open source and free.

Blogger and WordPress Face To Face

Though both Blogger and WordPress support free blogging, there are important pros and cons for both.

1. Plugins: Though both Blogger and WordPress support a variety of plugins or widgets, WordPress beats Blogger in this regard overwhelmingly. Blogger has a very few collection of widgets(comparatively) while WordPress has hundreds of thousands. From SEO plugins to newsletters WordPress has got them all. Also installation is simple and can be done in a jiffy.

2. Simple Look and Feel: Blogger has the upper hand here. Without knowing even what HTML is you can design beautiful blogs with Blogger. Or rather choose beautiful templates for your blog. WordPress has a bigger collection of themes but to get the oomph you either need to get premium themes or get your hands dirty coding.

3. Advanced Look and Feel: Between Blogger and WordPress  Wordpress has the clear advantage here. Starting from CSS modifications to changing the way the themes are rendered by changing the PHP codes, you get all the power to do whatever you want to. Changing and customizing Blogger themes are somewhat limited in this regard.

4. Site Speed: Self hosted WordPress site speed depends how you optimize your site. Also if you have a CDN, you can improve page load performance. But in Blogger you have CDN services built-in, at least to a large extent. Pages generally load faster. That said both Blogger and WordPress can be made to load fast.

5. Content Ownership: No, Google does not own the content you post in Blogger. But they have sweeping rights. Simply put they can use your post for their use without paying or even acknowledging your input. In self-hosted WordPress blogs you own your content entirely. What you do with your rights is upto you alone.

6. SEO: Search Engine Optimization does not depend on the blogging platform. Instead, you can do well with either one. While one has the advantage of being closely linked to the most popular search engine, the other one is the most popular blogging platform. But yes, Blogger blogs have been found to rank very well. But that said both Blogger and WordPress can be optimized for SEO.

7. General Customization: WordPress is more easy to customize in general, be it from themes or other settings. Blogger is simple to use but more tricky to customize. Especially when you are messing with your Blogger template.

So go ahead and choose any platform you prefer. If you are starting with Blogging for the first time and happy to just blog and not even think about code go straight for Blogger. For everything else Worpdress rules.

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