Blogging Inspiration – What’s yours?

Everyone has their own blogging inspiration. The urge that brings them out to write stuff on the internet and post them for the world to read. For some it is just a hobby, for some there are financial requirements, for many it’s both. It is important to have one if you wish to succeed as a writer or a blogger.

What is my own blogging inspiration?

My blogging inspiration has changed over time. When I started blogging it was purely for the sake of it. I loved writing and sharing tech tips. So I did that. It was just a hobby. Though the love for blogging in general has remained, there is a new sense of adding significant quality to it.

blogging inspiration

Previously I was writing primarily for myself. I know it sounds funny. But it was okay. Because there was no monetary gains to it and I did not expect it to be one. Now things have changed.

Since I want to add a great deal of quality to this blog, I also expect to be rewarded for my efforts. Eventually, I will go the regular route that many bloggers do when they monetize their blogs. The usual starting point is usually Google Adsense. I will also target some Affiliate sales and see where that goes. But one step at a time.

Finding other bloggers that appeal to you

This is important if you want to continue blogging in the long run. You will find several coders, writers or other people who share your passion for whatever you do and understand their blogging inspiration. You may come up with something that they are doing great in. Fix some of their problems if you find any. This can be a great way to actually connect. Eventually you may end up sharing links. That would just be great.

There are plenty of bloggers who inspire me or used to, when I was just getting started. It is not necessary that I like their blogging style or such. But these are some of the bloggers I find great.

  1. Tania Rascia – She is beautiful. I had to write that first. Call me sexist or unprofessional, but this is me. So is her website. She has made a conscious decision to keep her blog completely ad free. She writes typically on web development and design with a focus on simplicity. The writing style is lucid and the post length is large. Each post is structured with beautiful images, plenty of code and explained in detail. If you are getting started with web development, she is one heck of a coder to read.

    blogging inspiration tania rascia website
    This is one of the most beautiful websites I have ever seen
  2. Amit Agarwal aka Labnol – He was the biggest Indian blogger and was famous for his Adsense revenue that went into millions. Currently he has reduced his blogging frequency to a significant extent. Instead he now mostly develops applications using Google App Script to add features that are not available in Google products by default. His writing is also easy to understand. I have followed him since late 2009 onwards and seen him grow from a blogger account to WordPress. His posts are fairly small in length. This was the length I used to try to follow previously. But his ideas are generally original and hence he does not need to write long posts to cover the topic. Tania above on the other hand writes tutorials for stuff that is already there, only explaining them better. I find the former better only because new ideas are hard to come by frequently.
  3. Askvg aka Vishal Gupta – I used to follow this blog very frequently when it was the glory days of Windows modding. Windows XP themes were modified to make them look like Windows Vista or Seven. His tweaks and hacks were the first push I needed to start modding my system 32 files. That was way back in 2006-7. I used to play with Resource Hacker (an application that still works today) and made quite a number of mods for Windows XP. Now I don’t find his blog particularly informative. Probably because I have grown out of that concept of modding stuff to look like something else. But it remains a good source of Windows specific tweaks, performance and visual hacks. His posts are small in length but with sufficient images and code. Unlike Labnol, askvg does not have a commanding social media presence. His blog does not look as good as Tania’s does either. But it retains the old charm of the early Windows 7 days.
  4. Darren Rowse aka Problogger – This guy is famous and perhaps the most popular and famous blogger on this planet. That is not why he is in this list though. He writes pretty infrequently on his own. But the book/s that he has written on the topic of SEO in particular and blogging in general are great. If you want to establish yourself as a serious professional blogger, he can be your guru. He will remain one of my favorite blogging inspirations.

Good practices while following content

There are plenty of websites I follow for regular tech updates. But these are the writers that I generally look out for.

If you wish to know about the list of websites I generally follow, you may have to wait a little longer. By bookmarks are rather large and they may not be very appealing to the audience I have here. But I promise to get it ready soon. I use feedly to read off the feeds directly on my phone. If I really like something, I bookmark it to read later on a bigger screen at my leisure.

Why do I lose interest over time?

If you genuinely love doing something, you should not lose interest.


I don’t know. I don’t have a degree in how the human mind works. But over the years, interacting with dozens of bloggers both online and off, I have noticed something.

Almost all of them actually felt that they love blogging.

This is not surprising.

Think about a love marriage. Initially there is the honeymoon period. Then things calm down. Many of them end up sour as well. It does not negate the fact that there was a true attraction in the beginning. Just like a marriage counsellor encourages a couple to keep the energy up, I have seen the impact of being and staying inspired. It is the juice that keeps you going.

How do you get inspired?

This is not a joke. Let me explain.

You start doing something. Then you gradually lose motivation till you come to a point that you leave your ‘something’ in the middle. Unfinished.

If you follow the above model for everything in your life, success will be hard to come by.

Which makes being and staying inspired very important.

I usually do the following when I hit a writer’s block or there is nothing that had caught my fancy in the week. These MAY NOT work for you as is. But you should be able to list the stuff that works for you.

  • I take a break from all that I have been doing. Often, pushing myself too hard does not help. I am not a full time blogger. But I am a full time tech enthusiast. Problem is that the flow of information never ceases. This makes it difficult to distinguish signal from the noise. So when things go too fast, I make it a point to slow things down. I hang out with friends, play some games, listen to music or sing.
  • I switch YouTube on. This helps. There are several channels that I regularly follow. For instance, I come across a Linux Tech Tips video that reviews the Ryzen chip. This piques my interest and I begin to dig deeper. Before I know it, I am comparing the available laptops with the aforementioned chip for the Indian market. That becomes a future post of mine.
  • Podcasts. I know. Some of the podcasts may get ridiculously boring with time. But they work. I found out this open source processor innovator foundation this way.
  • Local Meetups – Go to Google Play Store or App Store and download Meetup on your mobile first. Check local blogging groups. You will surely find some, unless you are in Antarctica. Go out, make friends and build a community. If all else fails, this never does.

In the end, I can only point you in the direction. There are plenty of other ways that work better. Please feel free to add them in the comments section.

And as always, just don’t give up.

By Sarthak Ganguly

A programming aficionado, Sarthak spends most of his time programming or computing. He has been programming since his sixth grade. Now he has two websites in his name and is busy writing two books. Apart from programming, he likes reading books, hanging out with friends, watching movies and planning wartime strategies.

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