How To Convert Fresh Ideas Into Posts

How you can convert fresh ideas into posts?

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Give me some fresh ideas. Please!

This question – to convert fresh ideas into posts or articles has always been a nightmare for a blogger. You know that you need to keep writing good and fresh articles or posts to keep your blog running. But very few of us are into full time blogging. Indeed, we blog because we love to blog. We don’t primarily blog for money. That is the reason I have not even signed up for any advertising on my blogs. But the question is over your day, you do have sudden ideas that come to you and before you know it, they vanish. You need to capture them to ensure you put them down and write a solid article.

Do’s and Don’ts to Capture Fresh Ideas

  • Carry a Notepad : Carry a Notepad all the time. I mean a physical old tech notepad. With pen or pencil. Keep a pocket notebook. Trust me, when it comes to jotting down ideas nothing beats pen and paper. Your phone, tablets or other electronic gadgets will not be as easy to use as a pen and paper for simple tasks as jotting down a line. Never miss an idea. As soon as it comes, write it down. Later, you can organize your thoughts using all the tech stuff you want 😉
  • Break Free : Break your own schedules some time. Skip your afternoon snack with your boss, instead go to the cafeteria and have something you like. Sit alone, think about everything, and nothing. Just unwind and relax. Giving yourself a break allows your mind to function in a free way. It will gift you new ideas automatically.
  • Have a Whiteboard : You will get some ideas that are way to blurry to write down. You draw something that you feel writing about. Or may be write a few phrases that you think will make the webpage a star. Having a whiteboard also enhances your creativity.
  • Indulge in your hobbies : Hobbies will unleash the creative part of you. Do whatever you feel like. Don’t think what others might think. You are in it for yourself not for others. You have to write your posts, not them.
  • Cultivate and discuss with Friends : Have good friends. Meet them face to face. Blogging is not about journalism, nor is it about writing for top money. You have to connect. Talk to your friends. Get some tips, what they would like to know from you. Write about that in some post.
  • Go play with kids : Kids have unlimited imagination. Play with them. You will get a lot of positive vibes and get to unwind.
  • Have a good sleep : No matter how talented you are, if you are hell bent on stretching yourself too thin you will have to cut down on your sleep. It does not work. To write well, you need to be well. Have good sleep, give your body and mind all the rest they deserve.
  • Hope and motivation : Ultimately it boils down to these two. If you have hope and are motivated enough to write to help others, you will succeed sometime.
  • Patience : Last but not the least, you need to accept the fact that to get fresh ideas all the time is not realistic. Go out on a vacation if are going through an idea-drought. You will do much better.
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There is apparently very little technical about how to implement all fresh ideas into posts, but then again you know all these are necessary. With the hard work and the creative flair, you will do great.

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