Create YouTube Channels the Right Way

YouTube Channels have been around ever since the inception of YouTube. That was way back when videos like these first got uploaded. Things have changed ever since and today YouTube channels have become alternate TV. People create YouTube channels to cater to all types of genres, be it news, fashion, gaming, cooking, etc. Getting started and setting up a channel is also very easy. But there is one tip that can be of great help.

  1. Your Google Account is the key – Yeah. The Google account you have (I will assume that you do) is a pre-requisite. You can of course go to YouTube, log in with your credentials and Upload videos to your personal channel.
    But this is a bad idea. Because your ‘channel’ is not tied to a business, the name of the channel will be the name of your Google account (that means your name). So it makes little sense, unless you want to post your cat videos online. And no, don’t underestimate them. Cat videos are among the most popular queries on YouTube. So that is also not a bad idea. Unless…
  2. You have some specific business or genre to target – If that is what you want, you have to do a little more. Go to YouTube Settings – Overview and check the Additional Features section.
    Create YouTube Channels the right way
    Create YouTube Channels the right way

    Click on ‘See all my channels or create new channel’. Then just click on ‘Create New Channel’.

    Create YouTube channels, add, delete or manage multiple channels from one page
    Create YouTube channels, add, delete or manage multiple channels from one page

    This name you give will be independent of your account name. You can add a great deal of detail based on the type of you channel you wish it to be. This way when you create YouTube channel/s, you don’t have to create multiple Google IDs. You can manage multiple channels, each catering to their own specific needs.

    If you wish to monetize some of them, and leave the rest, you can do that as well.

By Sarthak Ganguly

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