How CSS3 improves SEO

CSS3 improves SEO? Really?

Before you ask this question, you will ask ,”CSS3 improves SEO? Really?” Well, the answer is yes. Actually it does and in a big way. Cascading Style Sheets are great ways to improve the look and feel of your website. Now with the latest version of CSS, that is CSS3, you can do a hell lot more.

What is CSS3 and does it really exist?

CSS3 Improves SEO imageYes of course it does! It basically is the same old CSS with a lot of new additions. By same old CSS I mean the main purpose still remains the same. So yes, it exists and does a great job for that matter. For more advanced details about CSS3 and especially about the advances over previous versions I suggest you go through the articles here and here.

So how CSS3 improves SEO?

CSS3 is no magic wand. But yes it does its job. CSS3 improves SEO due to the following factors,

1. CSS3 is lightweight – Compared to Flash animations, or javascripts, CSS3 is simple code and very very light. What libraries of Javascript and megabytes of Flash can do, CSS3 can do in a few Kilobytes only. You can also gzip and minify the code further but then that is true for javascript as well. Either way your page loads faster and user experience is not compromised. Use external CSS and you will do great. Add in a Content Distribution Network also if possible for added speed.

2. CSS3 is search engine friendly – Unlike javascript, search engines never had problems reading CSS3 codes. So your CSS menu navigation will be easily indexed by the search engines. Crawlers will not have any problems indexing your site.

3. Cool and Nifty features – CSS3 improves SEO, looks great, loads fast and does great animations. All without using any libraries or APIs. Simple codes gets you awesome animations, gradients, sprites, shifts, transitions, and a lot more. You can even substitute some images in your website with CSS pseudo-element drawings. True you will need to code it, but it saves a great deal of bandwidth. Also unlike an image, text in CSS will also be indexed by search engines.

These are some of the top reasons how CSS3 improves SEO dramatically. It would always be highly recommended for the web developers to keep this in mind and focus on a CSS3 enabled website to improve User experience and cut bandwidth usage besides improving search engine visibility.

Bottomline: CSS3 improves SEO or at least helps improve it. If you were having second thoughts about implementing it, go ahead and do it. Trust me, you won’t regret it. Good Luck! Over the next posts I will elaborate how you can begin with super CSS3 codes that are well supported across browsers.

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By Sarthak Ganguly

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