First 5 Things to Do After You Buy an iPad

This holiday season many have availed offers and decided to buy an iPad or its mini version. Now after you do buy an iPad there are a few top to dos we can do to optimize our usage. I will not include must do things like setting up an account and installing Pages or Garageband. Chances are that you will have them pre-installed.

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First 5 things to do after you buy an iPad (equally applicable for iPad mini and Air)

1. Check the Updates and System info – After you create your Apple ID, go to Settings – General – About and see which version of iOS you are running. If it is not 8.1 it is best you update it as soon as you can. This is good because the sooner you do all the updates and still stay within the Return policies of major retailers you stay safe, if things go wrong. It almost never has, but still helps. Also note down your serial number and save it somewhere else. You probably won’t need it but still remember that it’s unique and hence may come in handy in case you need support.

2. Register your Apple ID with iTunes first, before you do pretty much anything else. After this other apps that require your ID like Pages, Keynote, iBooks, Garageband etc will work smoothly. This is because when you first tie the ID with iTunes you are prompted to Agree to a Terms and Agreements monster of over 37 pages! After this your ID becomes fully usable.

3. Add at least one more recovery email address – You can do this while setting your iPad up. In case you skipped that, it is highly recommended to register at least one backup email address, just in case you lose your password or run into login issues. Remember to validate it as well, otherwise it’s of pretty much no use.

4. Get a good cover – This is not mentioned very often and probably feels like an optional thing but you actually need a better grip on the smooth aluminium finish. If your hands are sweaty or greasy, the iPad will try to jump. Look for leathery or rubbery finish with good friction. Also make sure the weight remains manageable. You bought an iPad for a reason.

5. Install Dropbox and Google Drive – Both are free and will save you a ton of space. You will have a paltry 5 GB iCloud space, true. But if you have gone for the 16 GB version, chances are that you will run out of them soon. It is recommended you go for a 32 GB version anyway. But even without it, you can maximize your storage by pushing older albums to cloud storage. Just make sure you are not uploading sensitive stuff!

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Hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I liked writing it. Please share the joy and let me know what you do when you first get your hands on a new iPad.

By Sarthak Ganguly

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