Get Microsoft Office 365 Cheap

Get Microsoft Office 365 Cheap

Microsoft Office has been around for ages. Now with the Microsoft Office 365, things have changed slightly with their subscription plans. They still have the older ‘buy once’ option, but the subscription offers do make sense for small office setups, home users and many others who don’t wish to spend a fortune on a new version of Microsoft Office.

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Microsoft Office 365 offers multiple officer products on a subscription basis

Microsoft has fixed the pricing to rather affordable rates. But you can certainly get them even cheaper. GoDaddy for example provides you access to Microsoft Office Business and Business Premium at almost up to 35% less than the offer from Microsoft.

I have tabulated the price of Microsoft Office 365 for GoDaddy and from Microsoft.

 Online Essentials/mo Business/moBusiness Premium/mo
 GoDaddy199 319 599
 Microsoft300 495 750

It is important to note that only the Business and Business Premium plans will have full offline Microsoft Office installations. That effectively means the Online Essentials plan is basically only an online offering. Though you get a few other additional features along with a 1TB storage space and unlimited video chat with a premium email. But for any office offering it is highly recommended to go with Business or Premium plans only.

This plan may not be of much use to individual home users, but for a small office or a medium enterprise, this deal can save a lot in their Microsoft Office 365 installations.

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