Install Ubuntu From Windows

Install Ubuntu From Windows

Installing Linux on your PC may sound like an intimidating task to many. Not any more. You can simply download the Windows installer for Ubuntu from here – Ubuntu Windows Installer. Read all the steps from 1 onwards.

OR (preferred if connection is not good)

You can download a full iso image of Ubuntu and boot into Windows. Burn the downloaded image onto a disc and insert it into the drive. Now you will find a wubi.exe file. Double click it and proceed. In this case you can skip the step number 5. Installation will take less time as you will be installing from offline location.

Once the Windows installer has been downloaded, you need to open it to install Ubuntu From Windows. You’ll find detailed instructions below. If you need further help, support options are listed at the bottom of this page.

    1. If you are using Internet Explorer, you’ll be asked whether you want to run or save the file. Choose ‘Run’ to launch the installer.

      Most other web browsers (like Firefox, for example) will only ask you to save the file. To start the installation, click ‘Save’ and then double-click the downloaded file.

    2. If a security message like this appears, click ‘Continue’ to proceed.

  1. To install Ubuntu, all you need to do is choose your user name and password. Do note that you need to enter your password twice to make sure you typed it correctly.
  2. After choosing your password, click ‘Install’. The files will be downloaded and installed automatically.
  3. Wait until Ubuntu is downloaded and installed. This can take quite a while – the downloaded file size is around 500MB – but you can keep using your computer throughout.
  4. When the installation is complete, you’ll be prompted to restart your computer. Click ‘Finish’ to restart.
  5. After your computer restarts, choose ‘Ubuntu’ from the boot menu. Now you can easily run Ubuntu from the boot manager.

Let us know if you know any other cool way to install Ubuntu from Windows in the comments section. Have fun!

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