Why does Answering Questions Help your Blog

Why does Answering Questions Help your Blog

Say you have a blog and you have a regular stream of visitors. The numbers are not exactly huge but they are okay. With time, they will depend on you. This is when some of them among others will ask questions to you. You might think it unimportant but answering questions help your blog immensely. Be it in a post or in the comments section, make sure you do your best to answering questions of your readers.

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Answering Questions help you in many ways

Questions and answers can be dealt with a number of ways –

1.       New Post – This is a rather new method and helps the most in answering questions of your readers. Say for example, you receive 25 emails or comments that have a similar question or at least a similar answer. Instead of replying to each of them, you can create a blog post anew and write about it in detail. Then you can forward them the new link of this post to help them out. This helps in branching and creating a sub niche. Only those who specifically want it will read it.

2.       Answering in Comments Sections – This is very under-rated but essential. If you ignore the reader, the reader will ignore you. There are a thousand other bloggers out there who might be more helpful than you are. So you need to do your best to at least appear sincere. A simple – “I will be busy for a few days for my weekend trip” will also do wonders.

How does this help?

Some of the help is obvious. That involves –

1.       Greater interaction – Readers will trust you and get back to you anytime they hit a roadblock. They might even refer your site to others. If they do that in office, you can even expect a call from the System administrator for paid services!

2.       More content – This is the best way to generate content. You write your blog posts not only for yourself but also for others. In fact a service related blog or a tech blog is primarily written for others’ benefit. A simple question and answer is what gets a reader the best answer in a concise manner. And we all know what better content does to a website.

Among the unspoken advantages are –

1.       Greater visibility – Search engines will look for questions and answers. It is not a coincidence that Yahoo Answers or Ask.com sites often go top when you post a question in the search box of a search engine. Yes, this is optimization – the cheap and effective way.

2.       Similar questions are asked by many, hence your phrase should match nearly to the ones asked usually. “How to convert ppt to movie” is a phrase that will lead to better result generation – provided your site has good content to support it.

3.       Greater backlinking – If your answer is satisfactory, social media sites will do the trick. If someone likes what you have written, it will be used to answer similar problems for others. If he or she plays the geek and gives your solution, you increase their dependency on you. Though this may sound unfair, this answering questions help your blog in a great way

So, next time when you have a similar question, instead of posting third party links, try to write something yourself, making things easier to understand without letting the user go away from your site. So good luck!