Destroy Procrastination and Blog Better

Destroy Procrastination or it destroys you

If you  are a writer, coder, scientist, banker or if you are associated with any profession, (or even without), you will know that the biggest enemy you have is procrastination. The lazy morning blues, the ‘let’s keep it for tomorrow’ feeling drags everyone of us down. Problem is that we human beings are not computers. The Task Scheduler application that runs so smoothly on our computers tend to malfunction when it comes to us humans. But it is very important to absolutely destroy procrastination to blog better or in fact do any better.

Get up and destroy procrastination you lazy cat!
Get up and destroy procrastination you lazy cat!

There are plenty of ways that you will find on the internet that will encourage you to do this or that. There are hundreds of tips and tricks to destroy procrastination around them. But there is a small problem.

They don’t work. Most of the time.

Yes, the simple dos and don’ts to destroy procrastination actually don’t work most of the time. Why?

Because they are tuned for like minded people. By like minded I mean the technique has a higher chance of working for people with the mindset of the author of the original post. That is assuming that post is original in the first place.

If you are a guy in Sri Lanka and are reading tips that worked for a guy in Russia, there is a high probability that you will not end up satisfied with the results. There is something that is very essential to build up before you start moving in the direction.

Building the basics to destroy procrastination

First, forget that there could be simple dos and don’t that will do the trick. Bad habits are easy to make and extremely difficult to let go off. Think of a drug habit. Imagine yourself with a meth addiction. Ok, may be that was a bit too much, but you get the picture.

Actually, I sneaked in a mental imagery in there. Right in the previous paragraph. I tricked your brain into associating procrastination with a meth addiction. In this example, this is not very effective because of this paragraph where I am explaining to you the secrets. But there are ways by which you can trick your brain into learning what is actually good for you. Playing GTA V before exam is not one of them.

What to do to prepare yourself?

So here’s what you should expect to build up first. And no, these are not simple dos that you follow easily and you become an efficient powerhouse.

  1. Know for a fact that the goal to destroy procrastination is slightly far fetched. This is going to be a very long war. You have to have patience. There is no short cut. Like, at all.
  2. It may not work as per your expectations. It is best to expect only small improvements initially. Keeping expectations low can help in NOT being demotivated early.
  3. Things will get better with time. And the time window is about weeks, not minutes.
  4. Meditation does help.
  5. A good diet, some workout or games are great. Indoor games are good too. Those on your PlayStation or PC don’t count.

All these, set, you have set your expectations in place and are ready to go ahead with your plan to destroy procrastination.

Oh wait – you have no plan. That’s the best part. You should have no plan. But do maintain a weekly progress report. How to do that well?

Simple. Before going to bed, take 5 minutes to think if you deliberately put of something for tomorrow or the day after. If yes, note them down. See how many tasks you write down for each day. Keep a track of them and you know your progress easily and destroy procrastination.

Rinse, Repeat

Now you may be expecting some real tips. Sorry, you will not find any. But I will give you are generals tricks that work for everyone in their pursuit to destroy procrastination. It does not matter where you are from, or what you do. As long as you are human, or a humanoid, this should work. It is no secret that regular writers get more clicks and a higher popularity.

  1. Follow a schedule. It is difficult, but alarms can help. There are reminder apps on your phone and PC as well.
  2. Use sticky notes. Lots of them. They help you stay organized. Assign dates to tasks.
  3. Reward yourself for each finished tasks. Train yourself well.
  4. Relax. Take your time, count the stars, make love, play games.
  5. Sleep well and exercise.
  6. Look at the tasks you did, and those you left for another day. Punish yourself accordingly. A good way is to keep the sticky notes for tasks you failed to complete in the living room, so that your wonderful guests could see them and secretly make fun of you in their home. That should work.
  7. Stay motivated to destroy procrastination. Know that you are building a good habit not just for the sake of it, but to be productive. Remind yourself how short your life is. Put pictures of your dad, your childhood pictures for reference. Put a calendar and put your age written in large font.

Final Thoughts

You should be able to continue this regime for about three weeks. By then, you will become a slave to this habit of yours. From then on, it won’t take much effort. You can compare the work you will be able to do with the work you do now. You can thank me later. But please do share this post to as many friends you can. Best wishes.