Google Takeout – Backup your Google Account

Google owns a lot of information. It is possible to download all your data associated with Google and its affiliated products. Google Takeout gives you the chance to download all your data stored in Google’s servers. By all data, I mean the following –

google takeout
You can check or uncheck any of the products you don’t want backed up

Yes, it archives ALL YOUR data on Google. All you need to do is tick the services you need backed up and click Next in the bottom of the page.

Then just click on Create Archive after you choose the options that are most relevant to you. The whole process is stupid friendly. The archive will be broken down into several parts. You can choose the size of each of the parts in the Archive Size. The defaults work across all systems that exist today. If you want a big chunk, you can go for a higher size.

Choose your options and create your Google Takeout archive
Choose your options and create your Google Takeout archive

There are different ways you can get your data delivered to you. The default method to send a download link via email is the simplest. But you can link it to Google Drive, Dropbox or even OneDrive.

What’s the use of Google Takeout?

It is useful if you want to migrate from one user account to another. It helps if you (say) want to switch from Google to any other service provider (say Bing) for your search results. This was all a part of Google’s Data Liberation Front. The idea is that the user should have the right to his or her own data. After you migrate, you are free to delete your account or manage what remains as well. If you wish to remove even your searches, you can go through this. To finally delete the Google Account, you need to check this link out for instructions.

Things are different if you are an existing G Suite user. You will still be able to download the entire archive at a go. But if you want individual product backups, you will have to do that manually. For example, a backup of G Suite email will require you to download all your mails to another client (Mozilla Thunderbird/Microsoft Outlook etc.). You may check this page out for the details.

If you face issues with migrating or deleting your Google Account, please do let us know about them. It is recommended that you use Google Chrome for the purpose. Both the mobile and the desktop versions should work fine.