Should you write more often in your blog?

Is it important for you to write more often?

This is a question most bloggers will ask themselves at some point of time. The answers are not easy and the question is almost universal. So, before you thing whether to write more often or not is your cup of tea or not, you need to decide a few priorities first. Successful blogging is not always necessarily earning thousands of dollars. Quality and having a loyal readership base is equally important. So before you consider to write more often here’s what you should keep in mind.

Good blogs are made when you write better(rather than write more often)

This is obvious but not exactly as much, if you think about it. Consider a blogger writing great posts on travel once a week. Now say there is another blogger who writes similar posts on travel but every day! The second blogger’s writing style is not that good and there are grammatical errors that make reading a pain.

Do you really need to write more often?Do you really need to write more often?
Do you really need to write more often?

The search engines will not really understand that as long as the key words are found. So initially the second blogger may rank higher. But eventually his organic social marketing will be a flop because fewer people will share his post – because hardly anyone will like it. Even then you must be thinking this as below.

What if the second frequent writer writes okay?

This is where it gets tricky. A number of factors will influence the individual reader. Some of them are as follows –

  • Web design – This is hardly ignored these days, but remains very valid.
  • Page load – If the site is too heavy and takes a lot of time to load, the user will go elsewhere. There is not two ways about this.
  • Platform independence – The site should have a reasonably uniform reading experience on mobiles, tablets and computers.

In addition to this, let’s say the writing quality is not great, but okay. In that case the blogger who prefers to write more often will have an advantage. Especially he makes the page look attractive and informative. His writing style need not be as beautiful as the former, but if it gets the job done – fine.

In fact this is actually more popular. It is rare, that you find someone who writes once in a bluemoon to feature in the first page of the search results.

But there are exceptions!

Of course, there are a number of very notable exceptions. Matt Cutts is one. Sure, he was very popular due to his videos and tips on SEO, but even then he is a good example. He wrote well, he wrote precise posts and hell, even his website design looked bad. Actually it still looks pretty awful. But he is one of the most popular bloggers out there!

And then you have Problogger – these guys blog practically twice a day, churning out content as fast as they can. Also Lifehacker should feature in the list. Their quality, safe to assume does not reach that of the once in a month post of Matt, but they do very well.

So it is safe to assume the following –

  • Search rankings don’t depend mostly on how often you write. But the frequency of your posts do matter. Just that the second point matters more.
  • Quality of the post matters the most. See, that’s it.
  • If you have something new to share, that is not there before, you will get your rewards.
  • Aggregator sites (yes Lifehacker) will have to post far often, because they don’t make new content. They find them. That is also important. So yeah, you can safely blog just about once or twice a month and still make sure people read you in their hundreds of thousands.

Just make sure that what you write is relevant, is new, fresh, and required by your target audience. In that way you don’t have to worry about how often to write.