Play Music in Google Drive

Play Music in Google Drive

You can carry your music with you. Without paying any money to the several cloud music stations, you can upload your own music to the cloud and play music in Google Drive. You only need access to your Google Drive and are good to go.

I will suggest you first organize your contents of your Google Drive. Create a folder called Music in Google Drive and upload the songs you wish to listen to in there. All you need to do is just to drag and drop them. After the uploads are done, you can either click on the file itself directly and play the song or you can do some more tweaks to make it look even more polished.

Google Drive Organized Folders - Music in Google Drive
Google Drive Organized Folders – Music in Google Drive

Just click on Create and then on ‘Connect more apps’.

In here you can choose any music app. DriveTunes is really nice. Google Music Player is also cool. After that you need to just go ahead and click on the file. The app will open up and start playing your music. The advantage in using these are that you can have a simple music manager up there.

Connect apps to Drive- Music in Google Drive image
Connect apps to Drive – Music in Google Drive

Of course, the basic one is not bad. But over time you will need some manager as you increase the number of files you have. There is only one issue however. You may run out of the free space that you have in Google Drive. But then of you compare the prices with other music streaming services, Google Drive is a lot cheaper and provides more bang for the buck. It is also supported on all devices you need.

DriveTunes can play only mp3 and m4a files while Google Music player has a clear edge here. They can play MP3 files, MP4, OGG (Audio), WAV, ACC (iTune’s .m4a files), webm (Audio). Besides it is also an open source project. So go ahead and make your Google Drive more than just a cloud storage. Good Luck.


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