Reduce Boot Time Of Your PC Easily

Reduce Boot Time Of Your PC – A simple How to

Let’s face it, boot time is one thing that can really put one off. Many even just keep their systems in standby mode all the time to avoid booting. To avoid the irritation you need to reduce boot time of your PC. Problem is with every passing day you install and uninstall new apps on your PC. A number of them are added to your startup. New services are installed as well. To avoid the startup woes up can do a number of things. I will explain below.

Third Party Software to Reduce Boot Time of Your PC

There are many programs that do a great job in cutting down their loading in the startup. I will recommend only three here, the ones that I really loved using.

1. CCleaner – The simplest no nonsense application to do all your system maintenance. From registry cleaning to hard disk cleanup You can also Uninstall apps, manage startup applications, manage system restore points and even wipe drive off data. You can simply go to Tools – Startup to see the applications. You have the option to enable, disable, or delete applications.

ccleaner startup cleaner
CCleaner provides a simple way to enable or disable apps to reduce boot time

2. Soluto – One of the best applications dedicated for a single purpose – to reduce the boot time of your PC. The Setup is simple, the working is extremely easy and it just works great. I will be honest it did reduce boot time of my PC by about 57 percent! The interface is so intuitive and functional, you will be able to do advanced stuff with ease. In fact they have done something revolutionary – they have transformed a system app into almost a web application – all the reports are shown in the browser and that is cool. It does the best job in my opinion to reduce boot time of any PC, so you might as well go ahead and give it a try. For more details of using Soluto go through this guide.
Check this awesome page as well.

Soluto reduces Boot time of your PC image
Simple yet highly useful user interface of Soluto is great to use, both for novice as well as experienced users.

3. Msconfig – Simply press the Windows Button + R to open the Run dialog box. Enter msconfig and press enter. In the Startup Tab enable or disable the ones you feel are not required. You need to be a lot more careful here, try removing only non-Microsoft apps first. You can also go the Services and remove certain services or better set them to Load Manually. This is one dirty but very very powerful way to reduce boot time of your system.

msconfig reduce boot time image
Us msconfig free tool from Microsoft to reduce boot time of your system. This can be a little dangerous, so you need to be careful with this application.

Of course there are plenty of other ways to reduce boot times but these are enough for our day to day tasks. You can get more dirty but over the long run time consuming activities are not recommended. Especially you are doing this to save time.

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