Fall in love with Unity

Fall in love with Unity

I am no great fan of the Unity shell of Ubuntu. But even then I must admit that in Precise Pangolin only Ubuntu has made their Unity interface not only more tolerable but even highly enjoyable, even for conservative users like me. First of all the additional customization options are nice to see. Even then they are too few. Thankfully a plethora of apps are available which can change the look and feel of the Unity user interface without you having to change everything manually.

I have picked two in particular.

  • Ubuntu Tweak
    The grand daddy of Ubuntu customization, now supporting Gnome version 3 and the unity interface has evolved from user interface customizer to a full fledged maintenance suite.
    Ubuntu Tweak
  • MyUnity
    A rather newcomer when compared to Ubuntu Tweak, MyUnity supports only customizing the user interface, but is still powerful. If you need to only change the themes, windows and fonts you can skip using the Ubuntu Tweak and use this instead.
    My Unity

Verdict : Unless you are using some paid software to clean your Ubuntu and keep your system up and running, I would suggest you install Ubuntu Tweak right away. It is the best Ubuntu settings app I have come across. Tweak to your heart’s content and fall in love with Unity all over again!

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