Try out the fresh new Ubuntu 12.04

Try out the fresh new Ubuntu 12.04

Ubuntu is out again.  The most popular open source operating system is out in its latest avatar. Here are some of the pros and cons of this OS I saw. It is time to taste this new Ubuntu 12.04 in all its glory!


Download ubuntu – here.


  • Speed : Boy,it was fast. Right from the booting it up from a pen drive and installing – all took less than 10 minutes. I arrived at the desktop in under 10 minutes. Beat that!
  • Simplicity : Unity interface greets you with a streamlined interface. You can now easily change the appearance of your unity interface. You get all kinds of applications pre-installed already anyway. For more the Software Center is there.
  • Touch friendly UI : If you are using Ubuntu on a touch enabled device, you can get the most of the touch friendly UI Ubuntu provides, including the Apps Dashboard.
  • Ease of Use : The learning curve is very favorable for those trying Linux for the first time. Network configuration is made greatly simpler and most drivers are supported. You will need an Internet Connection to make the most of your Ubuntu
  • More Cloud Storage : This all new Ubuntu 12.04 has increased it’s free online storage space from 1GB to 5GB, thus putting even dropbox to shame. ubuntu Cloud Login as GuestThis means you can sync your files and folders across machines more easily.

Cons :

  • Unity user interface : While some love this, I don’t. I liked the control I had over the look and feel of my Ubuntu system before. I would like to do more than change some wallpapers or themes.
  • Limited Application Support : This is not a major issue for Linux users, but for those who are migrating to Linux or just plain trying things out will find many applications just won’t work in ubuntu!
  • Too frequent update cycles : Every six months – such an update cycle of ubuntu makes going out of date very easy; again something I never liked! Now with this new Ubuntu 12.04, the countdown for the next release has already begun. Indeed they already have a testing version available for download!

I will explain even more in the upcoming posts. So stay tuned!

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