Ubuntu Tweak – Customize everything in Ubuntu

Ubuntu can be a little daunting for someone trying to play around with the way it looks, at least initially. Ubuntu Tweak makes the job very very easy for just about anyone to change simple settings like themes to much more complicated stuff like changing the default Ubuntu Login screen wallpaper.

Installing Ubuntu Tweak

Installing Ubuntu Tweak is simple. Just enter the following commands one after the other.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:tualatrix/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install ubuntu-tweak

After you install Ubuntu Tweak, fire it up from the menu. This is what you will see.

Ubuntu Tweak Default

You get links to all the modules of this application. Navigation is simple and intuitive.

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Under Apps tab you can check out some chosen applications that are recommended. Of course, there is no need for you to install any from here. You can do it as well from the Ubuntu Software Center.

Ubuntu Tweak Admin
If you check the QuickLists Editor – you will be surprised. The Unity Interface can be tweaked.

This is the killer. Here you can change just about anything that can be customized – reasonably. With the scripts function you can add a great deal of functionality to your existing Navigator.

Computer Janitor Ubuntu Tweak

Windows has got a great number of hard disk cleaning applications. Ubuntu always had this one lacking. Of course you could manually do a lot of stuff. Certainly a number of applications are there as well. But this just blew me away. I reclaimed about 3GB of junk space without compromising on usability. Apparently Ubuntu does keep a lot of junk to itself. This is essential if you do regular updates, install and uninstall a lot of applications and do a great deal of browsing.

The most important aspect of Ubuntu Tweak is however its ability to change the look and feel of Ubuntu entirely. We can do this from the first home screen. This is what I call back to square one. Click on Themes and you come to this.

Themes Ubuntu Tweak
Change the Window theme, icons packs or even Cursors

Also with Ubuntu Tweak you can change the fonts without doing any Terminal hacks. Just go to the Font from the Home page and you are set.

The ease of use Ubuntu Tweak is just amazing. It was just like getting back in control of the Ubuntu look and feel as it was in the pre-Unity days. And boy, it feels good to be in control. That’s why we turn to Linux in the first place.