10 Social Media SEO Tips for Your Website

Top 10 Social Media SEO Tips for your Blog or Website

Social media has taken everyone by storm. Everyone are in some or the other social networks. If you can follow some basic Social Media Tips you can sky rocket your site’s popularity in a short period of time.

What is Social Media?

Social media is any online interaction people can have. In more simple terms that is what

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Facebook, Google Plus, Wikia, Pinterest, Linked in etc are doing. Contrary to popular conception, social media has existed long before. Remember napster? That was social media too, indeed in its nascent form.
Of course there was and still is myspace. Facebook and twitter are comparatively recent entries. So Social Media SEO tips are absolutely essential.

Why do I need to be on Social Networking Sites?

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Because you need to connect to the people. Of course if you go out giving lectures to millions of people touring the world, you can do without this. You can go and connect in person! Just joking! 😀

You cannot interact with the people on the net physically. Of course in these cases chat tools

become too little as well. So what do you need. Social Media. All this is history. People understood the potential of social media long before and so we have Mark Zuckerberg here.

What do you get from Social Media?


. More coverage : You can just make a post and your friends see it. Some of your friends like it and repost it or share it. Their friends see it. Some of their friends see it and share it. The cycle goes on like this. Of course you have to get your basics correct. Like good content and clean site structure. You gain free traffic to your website this way.

2. Greater Page Ranking : Your site benefits from higher exposure. More people will connect and link back to you. You get more backlinks and so better your SEO.

Top 10 Social Media SEO Tips

Some of the Social Media Tips are spammy and I will skip them entirely. Never spam. We all hate it, don’t we?

1. Share your webpage or post on as many social networking sites you can. But always give priority to the ones that are most famous. Then again posting on some Chinese forum about piracy is not a great idea. Choose reputable places. Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Reddit, Stumble Upon, Linked in are some of the respected ones.

2. Don’t post out of context – Some folks are flaming about the advantages of playing games and you go in and post something about the latest fashion boots right there. Best case scenario – you will be kicked out. Worst case you may be flagged as spam in WOT!

3. Don’t repost same stuff – No one likes the same content. We all love new stuff. If you post the same thing over and over again, you make sure that members will NOT click on your better links tomorrow.

4. Don’t abuse others – Be really careful about this. If you have to disagree with someone always show respect, otherwise you lose more than a reader. Don’t let other people have a grudge on you.

5. Help others – This is important, easy and a great way to build your network. Solve other’s problems, share gifts, wish them on birthdays, post pictures and have fun. This really make the network tick. You get not only faithful readers and fans but friends also this way.

6. Reach out to people of your niche – Connect with people of your niche. Build a relationship with them. Maybe make a group of bloggers this way. If possible fix an event and go and meet and do other activities. Many of them will eventually link back to you this way. This is one of the best social media SEO tips. Do it naturally though.

7. Give away free stuff – Create something like graphics, or free books and share them with the online public. People will appreciate your gesture and at least like or tweet your posts in the future.

8. Build a reputation – People will identify as an authority. The reason many of us go to Wikipedia directly instead of through Google is because we trust it so much. Be an authority in your niche, so that other people can trust your judgement.

9. Like other Blogs – Make it a point to like other people’s blogs or websites. Many of them will be able to Like you back.

10. Maintain a human profile – Your About page is just a page. It does not show you as a human being. Show to the readers that you are as human as them and break the barrier. Make it easier for everyone to connect to you if they so wish. By far the most important of all the social media SEO tips above.

If you follow these basic 10 Social Media SEO tips your website will gain a faithful readership very soon and increase page views in a great way. Keep writing.

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