Three Free Soundcloud Alternatives to try out

Soundcloud is one of the most popular go to places for budding singers and DJ mixers. Unfortunately, they have become far too stringent on copyright issues and even harmless and legal cover songs are being regularly taken down due to ‘violation of service’. So it is time for you to check the free Soundcloud alternatives out that do the same job and even at times better.

Top 3 Free Soundcloud Alternatives to try out

  1. Mixcloud – This is the first choice of any average migratory singer/mixer from Soundcloud. The reason is simple – there are few advertisements. And there are ways to deal with them anyway. They are free and promises to always remain that way. The premium option basically gets rid of the ads. The interface is simple and beautiful and features are plenty. If you have ditched Soundcloud or planning to do so in favor of something else, this is where you should look first. By far the most popular and free of all Soundcloud alternatives you can find.
    Mixcloud free alternatives to soundcloud
  2. – This is a new find and has technically unlimited storage for you. It thus comes with a catch. There are restrictions on the number of uploads and downloads. You can check them here. Even then the interface is easy to use and content easy to find. If you are an a mid-level singer or mixer, this should do the trick. Otherwise, the $29 package is awesome and they don’t bother having a plethora of other plans – which is good. Certainly one of the several competitive Soundcloud alternatives out there today.
    piano free soundcloud alternatives
  3. Spreaker – Sing, mix or podcast, Spreaker targets all. With almost 10 hours of storage space for the free plan, you are limited if you are into pod-casts. But if you are a DJ mixer starting out, that’s not bad. If your average song is 5 minutes long, you can fit 120 songs for free! And there is no limit to the bandwidth. There is ample opportunity for sharing stuff as well. So you can go ahead and embed your songs or share them on social networks right from your dashboard. Which is not earth shattering but helps. The paid plans are rather too costly on the other hand with $19.95 plans per month as the starting point. I will not recommend this to serious starters UNLESS you make sure to make a substantial amount of money from it. If you are looking for free alternatives to Soundcloud, you better look for the notable mention below in that case.
    spreaker free alternatives to soundcloud

Notable mention as one of the free Soundcloud Alternatives – Youtube. I felt like leaving this out. But simply by going by the volume of traffic, Youtube beats the rest by a huge margin. There is also substantial problem with sharing DJ mixes and such tracks are often deleted en masse. But even then, this remains one of the most popular places to upload your remixed or created music.

I personally find Mixcloud the best of all free Soundcloud alternatives but Spreaker also sounds attractive as a second favorite.

By Sarthak Ganguly

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