Top 10 Cheap Android Phones You Can Buy

Top 10 Cheap Android Phones you can buy this month

Buying dirt cheap Android phones is probably not a good idea. But then again many of us like to play around with Android well enough to buy a budget phone. There may be various reasons – like students would be better of with cheap and less featured Android phones rather than the latest powerhouses. Lower income groups also may also desire a slice of the Key lime pie. For crazy guys like us a budget Android phone is the best testing platform one can get without costing too much. Indeed who would like to flash the firmware and root Android on the day of purchasing on a new Nexus?

Clash of the Minnows

Karbonn A1+ (Ivory White)  Dual Sim(GSM+GSM)          Price: Rs. 4290

karbonn a1 cheap android phoneKarbonn A1 is the android phone you would like to have if you only want to taste Android for a while. It is sufficiently powered for the price. With Android Gingerbread and a 3 MP HD camera you can do some pretty cool stuff. Also has secondary camera support. If you want a very basic smartphone and are satisfied with Android all by itself, go and buy this.


Micromax Ninja 3 A57 (Black)    Price: Rs. 4750

Cheap Android Phone Micromax Ninja A87Having almost the same features as Karbonn A1 this cheap Android phone has got better battery performance and a slightly bigger screen. Low internal memory is the biggest setback but that is expected for a phone of this segment. Although this looks great, it has got a glossy finish and hence very scratch friendly.

Micromax Aisha A52 (Yellow)   Price: Rs. 4699

Cheap Android Phone Micromax A52 AishaFeaturing a reasonably powerful processor, Micromax Aisha is almost similar to Ninja but has got a smaller screen, lesser resolution, but still greater price! The only plus with this when compared to the Ninja is that it has a matte finish as opposed to the Ninja’s shiny scratch friendly one. A52 is also available in black color and feels solid.

Karbonn A5 (White)                  Price: Rs. 4990

Cheap Android Phone karbonn a5Having two colors – black and white this premium looking phone has got pretty much the same features but only disappointing thing is the battery life that somehow got drained away in 5 hours of listening to music! Budget your phone use, and you can expect it to last 2 days. But that’s not what you want right? Not for the mobile, good only for studious students who stay in class (or bunk and stay in hostel) to keep their phone charged.

Micromax Ninja 4.0 A87 (Black)          Price: Rs. 6049

Cheap Android Phone Micromax Ninja A87This one is really good for its price. Having a 4 inch touchscreen and fine resolution this Micromax offering has got a superior finish. Certainly worth a buy, indeed it gave us a whopping 3 days of battery backup even with normal use. This one is a powerful Android phone that does not compromise with almost anything.

Karbonn A7+ (Black)                              Price: Rs. 6990

karbonn a7+ cheap android phonesKarbonn A7 is an upgraded version of the A series, the only advantage being the 5 MP primary camera and a secondary VGA camera. Add to that better battery backup for a change, and you have got a killer. In hand it looks almost like Motorola’s older models though. Unfortunately the quality of the screen leaves a lot to desire though and it is unusable in direct sunlight.


LG Optimus L3 E400 (Black)                Price: Rs. 7299

LG optimus e3 l400 Cheap Android PhoneBare minimal looks, LG Optimus L3 E400 features a simple Soviet style design. Features are a bit of a letdown. Somehow, it does not feel as good as the competitors especially because the processor has got only 800 MHz of processing juice. However the boxy look was a shocker for me, somehow it looked already bricked to me – literally.

Samsung Galaxy Y Duos S6102 (Strong Black)               Price: Rs. 7999

Samsung Galaxy Duos s6102 Cheap Android PhoneA budget android flagship phone from Samsung, Samsung Galaxy Duos looks cool, sports a great screen, good resolution and fine finishing quality. The internal memory is almost 300 MB – much more than the previous ones. Had the screen been half an inch longer, this would have been the winner. Immensely popular and this has got some very good features to use. Best of them was the almost total absence of inbuilt software(read bloatware).

HTC Explorer (Black)                 Price: Rs. 8199

HTC Explorer Cheap Android PhoneSized at around 3.14 (pi) inches, HTC Explorer brings all the goodness of HTC at the convenient price of 8000 only. The biggest let down – the processor clocked at 600 MHz ensures no games are properly playable. Besides the screen size is also pretty small and the native home screen look pretty ugly and you will end up installing any custom Home screen replacement real soon.

Karbonn A9+ (Pearl White)               Price: Rs. 8999

Karbonn A9+ Cheap Android PhoneHaving a 5 MP HD camera and a 1.3 MP HD camera Karbonn has brought the idea of video calling a budget reality. With the Android Jelly Bean OS this one sure does look great.



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