Unblock Google Docs In Office

Unblock Google Docs in Office

Google Drive is entirely blocked in most of the corporate networks. It is done to prevent users from using online storage. That is understandable but users may need to create a simple form or a drawing online itself instead of going through raising tickets to install Inkscape or Office. In such situations you can unblock Google Docs using these simple links. To use it you need to unblock the individual applications.

Unblocked Google Docs Presentation Image
Unblocked Google Docs Presentation – Selecting themes for the new presentation

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Google Docs is a cloud based office suite that takes care of your basic office requirements. It is not a powerhouse. But it gets the job done. Bad thing is that you can’t unblock Google Drive in most networks without getting dirty. I won’t recommend any of the dirty tricks.

  • Spreadsheet – Manage tables, create charts, graphs and the like using Google Spreadsheet. You can unblock Google Docs spreadsheet following the link –
    Google Docs Spreadsheet
  • Document – Google Document is a feature-light cloud based text editor. You can unblock Google Docs Document or ‘Word editor’ with –
    Google Docs Document
  • Drawing – Draw simple illustrations using Google Drawing. Unblock Google Docs Drawing using
    Google Docs Drawing
  • Form – Form helps you create interactive webpages that accepts user input that can be used for filling surveys, getting feedback or simple polls. You may unblock Google Docs Forms using
    Google Docs Form
  • Presentation – Google Presentation is a simple ‘PowerPoint’ -like web application that allows you to create slides quickly. You can unblock Google Docs Presentation with –
    Google Docs Presentation

You can drag and drop the links to your bookmark folder for quick and easy access. If you require the Google applications mentioned above, you can fire these up and use as you like. However, you should keep in mind the company policies. If they forbid you to use these web applications, you should refrain from doing so.

Disclaimer: Do this at your own risk. Ensure company policies are not violated!

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