Keyword Stuffing: What it is and its SEO Impact

Keyword Stuffing and SEO Impact

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Never indulge in Keyword stuffing. Ever!

Keyword stuffing is the unethical practice to increase the keyword density of a post just by stuffing kew words or phrases such that the page ranks higher than others for the target keywords. Suppose you are looking for something and you search for it. What you get is a spammy page full of no or minimal content instead of a content rich page.

Where can keyword stuffing exist?

Anywhere. Starting from the meta tags to the content – keywords can be stuffed everywhere. I will give two sentences to put proper keywords usage and keyword stuffing in perspective.

Say I search for “Red Anna poker and I click the first link. This is what i get,

The Red Anna Poker is the best poker in town. Red Anna Poker has a clean reputation and Red Anna Poker is the number one poker. No other comes close to Red Anna Poker in comparison as Red Anna Poker has long outsmarted the competition through Red Anna Poker‘s quality service and Red Anna Poker‘s hospitable environment.”

How does that sound? You will be irritated. This shameless level of putting excessive keywords is called keyword stuffing. The sentence sounds forced as well. Now let’s see how this paragraph should have been instead.

Red Anna poker is the best poker in town. They have a clean reputation and so is number one in the field. No one comes close to Red Anna poker in comparison as they have outsmarted the competition through quality service and a healthy environment.”

This sounds rather natural and the keyword density is also correct. Neither does it sound excessive nor does it compromise SEO.

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The perils of keyword stuffing

Keyword stuffing is one of the easiest ways to be penalized heavily by the search engines. You will be highly penalized if you are found stuffing keywords. The search engine algorithms are written by highly qualified people. And they know how to do their job. If you stuff your post with keywords, the search engine spiders will figure it out and assign a negative score to it.

How come they find it out?

A number of complex algorithms are there obviously. Indeed most of it closed source. But to put things very simply – if you have more than 6% keyword density search engines may mark your post as spam. So keeping the keyword density around 4% is great. Any more than 6% is considered spam.

Google advises webmasters here about keyword stuffing as well.

So now that you know how keyword stuffing can kill your site, it is better you stay away from it. Also if you allow guest posts, ensure that hidden keyword stuffing is implemented either.

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